Building Next Generation of Globally Responsible Entrepreneurs

Foundation for Promotion of Entrepreneurship

Foundation for Promotion of Entrepreneurship (FPE) is a private, non-profit foundation established in 1991. FPE provides training, consultancy and information services for the enterprises and people planning to start their own business. FPE has trained more than 40 000 people so far.

Since 2008 FPE has been a centre of Enterprise Europe Network. FPE initiates activities aimed at developing innovation and cooperation between businesses and R&D centres, building knowledge-based economy. Since the beginning FPE has been a partner and coordinator of pilot national and international projects, in modern management, export development, IPR protection, environmental services, promotion of science and scientific achievements, corporate social responsibility, employability in the EU and many others. FPE has excellent relations with business community (including SMEs), local authorities, educational, HEIs and R&D institutions. FPE has implemented ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.

FPE as educational organization carries out many courses, trainings and workshops simulation plays and study visits in IT companies dedicated to students and managers. FPE organized several trainings on IT issues for various audience (youth and elderly people) in cooperation with local stakeholders (e. g. Association Digitally Excluded). Regional conferences on e-commerce were organized (where representative of the ministry for digitization was a guest speaker). Seminars for young people and students on personal data protection were also organized. FPE is a honorary ambassador of the European IP Helpdesk which activities include advice and information on management of intellectual property and know-how. FPE uses on-line tools to render its services (newsletter, bulletin, consultation forms).