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Building Next Generation of Globally Responsible Entrepreneurs

Project deliverables: 


DIGI-GRENT_IO2_Quintuple Helix Open innovation co-creation framework_Final



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Intellectual outputs: 

Here you can find useful resources for studying as well as for teaching purposes (lectures, slides, exercises, in-class activities and assessment tools). 

Curriculum 1 –

DIGI-GRENT Thessaloniki Training 

(30 September -04 – October 2019)

Eco-friendly digital business models for startups

Slides – Ecofriendly-digital-BM

Slides – Green-digital-Examples

Digital security and cybercrime for digital entrepreneurs

Slides (Prezi)

Managing and understanding the quintuple helix towards fostering digital & responsible startups

Slides – Managing and understanding the quintuple helix

Curriculum 2 –

DIGI-GRENT Almeria Training


(18- 29 January 2021)

Pitching strategies

DIGI-GRENT – Instructions TCCP2 DIGI-GRENT – Pitching Strategies

Startups and social awareness

DIGI-GRENT – Startups and social awareness


Next generations digital trends

TCCP2-Session 2-Next-generation digital-sesion2 TCCP2-Session 2-Next-generation digital

Curriculum 3 –

DIGI-GRENT Lodz Training

(13 – 23 April 2021)

Bridging Investors, Business Angels and Digital & Responsible start-ups

Bridging Investors

Developing partnerships with responsible companies in the e-market

Teaching notes Developing partnerships with responsible companies in the e-market

Digital policies

Digital policies_1

DigiTrianing 2-SEERC_Digigrent Digital policies_2

Blockchain and Privacy DigiTraining_Digigrent

Here you can find useful resources for the application/practice side (business models, examples of good practices from each lecture).

Business Models Good Practices


DIGI-GRENT – Business Model Report – 3D Printing


Case Study – Supermarket

Case Study – Warehousing

Case Study – Textiles

Case Study – Food

Case Study – Electronics Manufacturers

Case Study – Boiler

Case Study – Aluminium Frames

Case Study – Zinc Foiling

Case Study – Metal Production

Case Study – Cement Production

Case Study – Polystyrene

Case Study – Polyurethane

Case Study – Steel

Case Study – Glass


DIGI-GRENT – Good Practice_ULO_Airly Ltd

DIGI-GRENT-Good-Practice-patent office


DIGI-GRENT – Good Practice – Digital Security

DIGI-GRENT-Good-Practice iFLOW


Good Practice – Circular Economy & Waste

Good Practice – Circular Economy

Good Practice – Cross-Docking

Good Practice – Environmental Management

Good Practice – Environmental Objectives

Good Practice – Green External Operations

Good Practice – Green Marketing

Good Practice – Green Purchasing Strategies

Good Practice – Green Purchasing

Good Practice – Green Reporting Activities

Good Practice – Green Reporting

Good Practice – Key Performance Indicators

Good Practice – Lean Operations

Good Practice – Raw Material Consumption Reduction

Good Practice – Reporting Activities

Good Practice – Scrap Recycling

Good Practice – Sustainability Intervention Identification

Good Practice – Waste Reduction Strategies

Good Practice – Waste Reduction Technology

Here you can use SCEnATi in order to apply the knowledge gained so far !

You can download the SCEnATi manual here:

SCEnATi Manual_November_2018.

Important: In order to benefit from maximum user experience we highly recommend that you utilize a high resolution (wide screen or zoom out in order to capture the entire modelling map).